Greenwashing is a commercial practice used in advertising with the aim of promoting the sales of a product through the natural or ecological concept, when in many cases it is not. Many times the claim on its packaging with the words bio, organic, eco or images of green leaves, flowers or fruits transmits the message that we are dealing with a product that is almost like it came out of the earth.

So how to know if a product is truly what it claims to be?

An environmentally friendly product could be, for example, one in a refillable format that should also be cheaper, however this does not guarantee that the product formula is made with ingredients from organic farming.

To know if the formulation is as ‘natural’ as it claims to be, we must read the list of ingredients and be able to recognize them.

We can also see if these are backed by a recognised certification. It is important to note that the certificates are awarded to the product, not to the brand, which means that within a cosmetic brand we can find some that have an ecological certificate and others that do not, hence the importance of knowing how to read the label and recognise the seals.