I started my journey as a make-up artist in Spain doing photoshoots while working in retail for various cosmetic brands. My passion for fashion and the arts led me to take the leap and move to London in 2009 where I developed  most of my career.

I am currently transitioning to a more sustainable and environment friendly practices, minding the packaging materials and  the waste that all this is causing to the planet. This approach to environmental issues is also  known  as  the zero-waste movement. I believe that most of the people care for the planet too, but maybe doesn’t know how to be more sustainable. Here are tips  that you could follow to start a zerowaste lifestyle in front of  the mirror:

1 Choose a plastic-free package when is possible. There are options such as glass, metal, wood or soluble formulas, like soap bars or tablets instead of liquids.

2 Ditch single-use  cotton buds, choose instead the ones  that can be cleaned-up after use and will last long time. Otherwise go for the wooden or cotton handle ones, luckily there are plenty of brands offering this type of material,  just check the label.

3 Reuse the  container and choose products that are sold in bulk or in a refillable jar.

4 Try bamboo toothbrushes. This is a small change that really helps reduce the plastic pollution that we create globally.

5 Sustainability is not about not buying anything, but to be more selective in what you are buying. Change your habits within your possibilities, your time or your needs. Start gradually, when shopping think twice what you actually need and  when is possible go for quality over quantity. For example, you could try once a month a more sustainable eco-choice, you will notice the difference more and would give yourself the chance to try something new while helping the environment.

The real impact is not that there are a couple of people who are doing everything perfect, but many of us doing what we can to improve the situation. Of course, this is not the only problem in the world, but it is an important one that affects us all.





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