Save up while being sustainable

I remember to start being more interested about sustainability the more I wanted to talk about all this to my friends, so I started doing more research. For me was not enough to share news about palm oil causing deforestation in the Borneo forests but to know the general picture and what I could do within my possibilities. On this blog I want to focus in the beauty and cosmetics industry, but before ranking any products I´m going to share some tips about how to be more sustainable while saving up:


  • Recycled papers, old tickets/receipts are great base when shopping at the supermarket and using a fabric bag. So you can stick the price tag when scaling the products. You can also use the back when is in blank for memo-notes.










  • Use a container for the sink for while washing fruits and vegetables, this water is still great to clean the floor or watering plants and you won´t be wasting that much water.


  • As a make-up artist I give myself a lot of freedom to create, even some of the tools for my kit like my brush roll, made out of cloth material.


  • At home: use products up to their life. If you think that you won´t use them anymore, give them away or donate to charity. Stay creative and think outside the box, use your imagination to give a second life to unwanted clothes or food containers.



  • Some daily habits like cycling to go to work, separate your trash and recycling and closing the tap while showering definitely make a difference.